We all lead busy lives and sometimes getting ready in the morning needs to be quick and easy. Using our Core Four Multipurpose stick in Real Depth can give you an everyday make up look that will last all day. Yes, that’s right, ALL day!1. Let’s get cheeky:

The wonderful thing about Real Depth is that it adds definition, blush, and glow to the cheeks as it’s a neutral tan shade with rose undertones. Apply straight from the stick, use your fingers, or grab your The One face brush to apply. Whatever works best for you!2. Eyes on the prize:

Ok, so you’ve got your mascara on but you can’t be bothered to grab an eye shadow. We’ve got you covered. Rub a little Real Depth on your finger (or what’s left on your ‘The One’ face brush) and swipe onto your eye lids for dimension.3. Our lips are sealed:

Now what seals the deal (see what we did there?) are the lips! Apply straight from the tube for that beautiful, 90’s supermodel vibe to bring the whole look together. Just like that, you are ready for the day.

Shop Real Depth here or check out the rest of products via the link below;

Find out how Elle applies our Multipurpose sticks in the video below;

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